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Letter from the Editor: Easter Crowns a Corona Crisis

Easter 2020 comes at a time when most of us have had the chance to sit in quiet reflection, surviving an unprecedented and excruciating global upheaval. Meanwhile countless people are out of work, learners out of school and get used to isolation. Businesses close down, stock markets drop while governments attempt to salvage with unparalleled economic packages. Patients die alone in crowded hospitals and frontliners struggle to stay strong. Easter church bells peal through cities, towns and villages as empty pews stare at bare altars - all in a crisis that rips the fabric of life.

Good thing, media communications shrink social distancing and permit connections among family and friends, business and community partners. Home offices get built overnight, and kids jump at distance learning without much ado. When asked what friends and readers treasure or fear most in this extraordinary time, you can find wisdom and strength in the ensuing reflections. Meanwhile our writers paint with words the beauty of the Philippines and Europe - both home to many of us.

As winter ruptures into spring and darkness bursts into light, our new world is unfolding. Letting out a huge Easter embrace from us, your Roots and Wings Team.

Rawmags celebrates 124th National Day

Betsy von Atzigen, Editor in Chief The 12th of June ushered the 124th Philippine Independence Day celebrations nationwide. But with over 10 million Filipinos residing overseas since 6 decades or so, t

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