"Roots&Wings has been created to fulfill a need to connect, to act as a bridge.
It is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos living in Europe"

Roots & Wings, the Filipino quarterly magazine in Europe, was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2009. It is registered in the Swedish Patent and Registration Office under Rachel Publishing Company. It is cultural and social in nature, non-denominational, and apolitical.

Rachel Hansen, R&W founder, had adopted the name Roots&Wings from a well-loved quotation 
'There are two things we should give our children: One is Roots and the other is Wings'.

Roots&Wings has been created to fulfill a need to connect, to act as a bridge. It is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos living in Europe. It aspires to pay tribute, celebrate, inspire, raise awareness and appreciation of Filipino Culture, People and Places, not only amongst the Filipino communities but also to their extended families, friends, colleagues and the European community at large.

Roots&Wings became an online magazine in January 2012, which make it available globally. The people behind Root & Wings are mostly Filipino-Europeans, coming from various parts of Europe, all working on voluntary basis. Together, we speak at least 10 European languages fluently. Among our staff members, you will find young students pursuing master or doctoral degrees, professionals in the fields of music,arts, languages, economics, IT and full-time charity workers, too.

In the Philippines, our volunteer staff members, through articles, update and inform us about the latest cultural events, the latest in the art world, and exciting places to visit and explore.

In short, Roots&Wings is a labor of love, created by a group of Filipinos who love the Philippines, who live in Europe, and who share a goal to give the Philippines and the Filipinos in Europe a voice and a platform to show the best of what we have.

We invite our kababayans to contribute articles, ideas, talents.Roots&Wings promotes the best in the Filipino and the Philippines, it is a vehicle for unity and understanding, and we are pleased and proud to be a part of this process.

A quarterly online magazine for Filipinos in Europe, published by Rachel Publishing Company in Stockholm, Sweden. Its aim is (1) to uplift, create awareness and appreciation of Filipino culture and lifestyle (2) to serve as a bridge to lessen the gap between the expatriate communities of Filipinos living in various parts of Europe (3) to highlight touristic and historical places of interest in our home country in order to encourage and enhance local travel, tourism and commerce.

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