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When a mirror begins to break

A mirror is not just an ornament we use to check our own image Because it symbolizes a lot of things to us... Sometimes it reflects our inner emotions... Sometimes it conveys how life genuinely is... Sometimes it even reveals the bitter truth... Even a relationship is like a mirror, because it is fragile... And needs special care and attention for it to last a lifetime... Whether it is between a man and a woman, or those between same sexes or genders... Whether it is a business relationship or those between parents and their children... Or between siblings and lastly, even relationships between and among friends... We all need to take care of every mirror in our possession, polish it, keep it shining... Keep it clean and away from cobwebs and from dusts... Handle it gently, lovingly... ‘Cos once it is broken, we can never mend it back together again the way it used to be... That is why I have always taken cared of all my mirrors; whether old or new... Some are small, some are big... In all forms and shapes, in various colours... There are those that are quite special to me, and I cherish them dearly almost everyday... And I would give my all, everything in my power to keep them safe and sound... But there comes a time when a mirror begins to fall apart... When it turns undeniably pale, when it becomes distinctively blurry... And when I looked through it, this dear mirror reflected an image apart from mine... A gloomy faceless vision lurking in the dark behind me... As if wanting to devour my very being... As if wanting to do me harm... It has turned to be dreadful and scary, exposing ugly images that were never there before... It now reveals an optical facade that is hauntingly strange and utterly wicked... And so I said to myself that the time has finally arrived to put it to rest... This once great and shiny mirror has turned sullen and lost its clarity... And though it hurts to put away what was once priceless and dear to me... I must bid you farewell and part ways despite our countless years... Yes, it is indeed time to lay this mirror to rest before it disintegrates any further... Before it begins to shatter from alone... Before the broken pieces begin to cut through my bones... It is so often that Art imitates Life.... But a Mirror gives us a complete impression of what surrounds our Life...

Rawmags celebrates 124th National Day

Betsy von Atzigen, Editor in Chief The 12th of June ushered the 124th Philippine Independence Day celebrations nationwide. But with over 10 million Filipinos residing overseas since 6 decades or so, t

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