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PamPinay wearable Art

of Pamela Gotangco, Zurich & Christian Belaro, London

Text by Betsy von Atzigen, images by PamPinay

At a recent meeting in Bern with Pamela Gotangco, Pamana ng Pilipino Award recipient 2021, visual artist, designer, and co-founder of fashion brand PamPinay, a ‘picture’ conversation ensued, detailing her unique concept of Pinay wearable art along with designer Christian Belaro. She was wearing one of her creations as we spoke.

Pamela introduced her PamPinay wearable art as a social project that provides livelihood to displaced seamstresses in Manila during the pandemic. Apparently, it’s the first of its kind in Metro Manila. Through this project, both Pamela and Christian realized their plan to put Pinay substance into style and at the same time, help Filipina workers overcome the hardships brought on by the pandemic.

The duo produces materials and designer’s products on hand. She explained a rather simple process, but it certainly contains some complexity as art changes form. Pamela initiates the art; Christian digitizes it, then it gets printed on textile. The Filipina workers cut, stitch, and enhance the design with local trimmings.

The initiative has expanded since its launch and has been helping indigenous groups by incorporating their tapestries into the brand’s designs. Roots & Wings magazine readers are invited to participate in this social project by ordering Pampinay’s pieces at and on Instagram.

Christian Belaro, London & Pamela Gotangco, Zurich

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