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Interview by Luz Bergersen, Oslo.Norway

MAYETH S. CODOY, Fashion designer and owner of MAYETH FASHION MODE MYET, as she is fondly called by family and friends, broke into the Oslo fashion scene with her daring one-of-a-kind designer clothes and fashion ensembles, primarily using ethnic Philippine fabrics and materials.
Mayeth S. Codoy, Fashion designer and owner of MAYETH FASHION MODE

Mayeth Sigue Codoy was born on 24th February 1989. in Balamban Cebu. Philippines.

She studied Fashion Design and Pattern-making at BSIT. Myet’s initial job was making

costumes for movies. She has been featured in TV, radio ang magazines, like GMA

regional 7, GMA Manila, ABS CBN, DZME, 1530 khz and Filipino magazines.

Mayeth tells us about her interest in fashion design, creating fashion, how it started, and her inspiration:

My mom was a seamstress and we have been helping her since we were young, she was one of my inspirations. I came to Norway under the Au Pair cultural exchange program, in 2015. - A Norwegian couple saw my potential and helped me to study fashion. I studied fashion design, pattern-making and sewing at the ESMOD Oslo, I finished my studies and training after three years, and since then, I have worked full-time in this field. I have been in Norway for eight years now. When I create my design, I always think of a strong independent woman, who loves and lives fearlessly in equal measure.

RW: What is your creative style, use of materials?

MYET: Draping is the best technique that suits me because it allows me to create something without seeing any different inspirations from other designers. During fashion

shows, I use mostly abaca and pineapple fabrics.

Please tell us the Fashion Shows you have participated in, so far.

Paris Fashion Show, 2021; Diplomatic Reception, Oslo 2022; World

Fashion Expo 2023 Oslo; Phil Fashion Show 2023, Cebu Philippines.

Your current projects, future plans?

Patternmaking, proto-type, and production for different brands. I hope to continue what I have started and hope it will grow more and more.

Do you have a message to fellow Euro-Pinoys?

Never stop grabbing your goals until you reach it and work hard for it.

Contact Details: MYETH S. CODOY

Fornebusvingen 27, 1360 FORNEBU, NORWAY

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