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Larry Carumba

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Multi-awarded local and international artist

Larry E. Carumba, multi-awarded local and international visual artist hails from Victorias City, Negros Occidental Philippines. He is a La Salle Business Management graduate and an OFW/Corporate Secretary in a medical company in Saudi Arabia for 3 decades.

Larry is a self-taught artist who has developed his God-given talent to maturity. Painting is his only passion. He gained prominence after being awarded The Filipino Times Exemplary Filipino for Visual Arts 2019, Philippines Elite 2019 for Visual Arts, Bagong Bayani for Culture and the Arts 2014, Most Outstanding Filipino in the entire Gulf Countries-Bahrain-2016, Illustrado’s 300 Most Influential in the Gulf Countries-Dubai and twice Grand Champion, Best in Show Artist, People’s Choice and Art lead Awards.

In his art, Larry uses acrylic, canvas, wood, and oil. His artistic signature soars on the classic contemporary semi-realism approach called naturalism. Nature dominates Larry’s themes, paying tribute and respect to its importance and value in daily life. Significantly, he contributes toward the rarity of knowledge, purpose of beauty, the ingenuity and individual difference in every piece of art he creates.


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