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Beyond Barriers and Boundaries: A Filipina Migrant Entrepreneur's Journey to Empowerment

By Mye Mulingtapang

Sustainable Success

Hailing from Liloan town in Cebu, Demee Koch embodies the essence of a modern, resilient woman. As a successful CEO and advocate for conscious beauty and empowerment, she's dedicated to creating a positive impact. Koch’s belief in the ripple effect drives all her endeavors.

With a thirst for knowledge, she excelled in her academics, laying the foundation for her future. Motivated by a desire to make a tangible difference, Koch set out on a journey of self-discovery and cultural exploration, determined to break free from the stigmas and stereotypes. Her belief in her own abilities drove her to seek opportunities outside of her comfort zone.

She seized the chance to work with global corporations as a management trainee. Along this journey, she discovered her true calling: to effect positive change and leave an indelible mark on the world. Today, she stands as a testament to the power of determination and belief in oneself. She is living proof that dreams, no matter how audacious, are within reach for those bold enough to chase them.

Koch is the CEO of the Swiss purpose-led beauty brand, a pioneer in the conscious beauty movement, creating results-oriented, clean, and cruelty-free beauty products that give back. She has worked tirelessly for more than two decades to lay the groundwork for her cosmeceutical business. 

The brand has garnered acclaim across several regions, including Switzerland, Japan, the UK, Europe, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Asia. It offers clients an avenue for responsible consumerism without compromising on beauty and self-care routines.

Koch has faced prejudices and rejections as an immigrant woman from the Philippines. But she only wanted to improve the beauty industry by educating people about how brilliance knows no boundaries based on race or gender. Her daily life as a migrant entrepreneur is full of challenges. As a Filipina, she knows how to find and take alternative paths in difficult situations, how to hold on and keep going even when the outcome appears to be slipping away. 

Influencing others

Her influence extends to the esteemed Forbes Business Council, where she contributes insightful articles on sustainable business practices and conscious leadership. Koch aspires to be a wellspring of inspiration, nurturing a relentless drive in others to pursue their goals and shatter barriers in their respective fields.

Through other platforms like Forbes Business Council, social media channels, and renowned publications, Koch imparts her wealth of leadership wisdom, visionary ideas, and unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive and conscious beauty industry. She is  one of the authors of 'FWN Disrupt 4.0'.

These achievements deepens her perspective as she navigates the intricacies of career, relationships and personal growth. She provides practical advice and genuine support, empowering her readers to reach their fullest potential.

Koch  holds a position on the board and possesses shares in Lux Vivendi, a platform dedicated to celebrating luxury products, services, gastronomy, and extraordinary experiences. Her lasting legacy centers on championing conscious entrepreneurship, and she also serves on the Advisory Board of the innovative boxing brand, SPARBAR. 

Giving back

Committed to philanthropy, Koch actively supports charitable organizations, including the Voice of the Free, a hybrid entity driving social care and on, blending care, entrepreneurship, and community mobilization for lasting change.

Koch also stepped up as a board member for the Breaking Silence Movement. This non-profit is at the forefront of the fight against gender-based violence, taking meaningful action to create safer spaces for all. 

Being Filipina

Motivated by Theodore Roosevelt's adage ‘“to do what one can with what is available’ , Koch aligns her aspirations with her purpose. She fervently advocates for breaking silence and revolutionizing the beauty industry with an unwavering dedication to quality.

As a Filipina, she knows how to find and take alternative paths in difficult situations, how to hold on and how to keep going even when the outcome appears to be slipping away. Life's difficulties are obstacles to overcome, puzzles to solve, or fears to confront. Sometimes a single moment is all that is required; other times, commitment and consistency over time are required.

She encountered numerous setbacks before finally achieving her goals. Those setbacks,

strangely enough, shaped her optimistic outlook on work and entrepreneurship. Despite the widespread opposition to her efforts, she maintains a positive attitude that propels her


The 45-year-old serial entrepreneur has fortified herself with a combination of qualities: bravery, unyielding resilience, and the ability to navigate uncertainty. This combination, along with her passion for creating impactful beauty products and championing important causes, has been the foundation of her journey. She has boldly embraced risks to carve a niche for herself in the cutthroat world of the beauty industry, bolstered by the ability to adeptly navigate intricacies and challenges through years of seasoned expertise.

Becoming an author

A Cebuana entrepreneur and Forbes Business Council member, Koch, has just published her book, ‘Becoming Miss Right: A Holistic Journey to Fulfillment’," which is now available on Amazon. This book promises to be a game-changer for women worldwide, offering practical strategies for success in careers, relationships and personal growth.

Koch's approach is refreshingly comprehensive, providing actionable advice instead of piecemeal solutions. ‘his isn't just a book’ she says. ’It's a trusted friend, guiding you to realize you can have it all.’ Key takeaways include breaking through career barriers, nurturing enriching relationships, and continuous personal growth. Drawing from her own experiences, Koch’s insights are not only relatable but also highly practical.

Drawing from her life's journey, she has striven to provide insights that are not only relatable but also highly practical. From shattering career ceilings to nurturing profound relationships, and embarking on transformational personal growth, the key takeaways are designed to resonate with the readers on a profound level.

‘I hope this book serves as a beacon of empowerment, illuminating the path towards a life filled with success, love, and boundless personal evolution’, says Koch.


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