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ART for a Cause

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Part of your purchase of Victor Cantal's Art for a Cause sends Filipino students to Laura Vicuña vocational/technical schools in Palawan and Negros Occ, Philippines.

For details, email Becky Torres or Marizel Arambulo, Roots & Wings Social Entrepreneurship program Team


2 / 50x70 cm, oil on canvas / price € 1,700

artist Victor Cantal

A family gathered around a bowl of rice, on the floor, using their hands, which is one of the best ways to experience food; also very Filipino. The father who sits in background suggests that the other members are the priority, and the mother at the centre, makes sure that the youngest member is getting something to eat. One sees a family that is happy to be sharing whatever little they have.


24 x 30 cm / oil on canvas / price € 100

artist Victor Cantal

The Igorots, an indigenous group in the Philippines, dance to heal, worship ancestors and gods, and pray for good harvest and favourable weather. They dance to ward off misfortune, to congregate and socialise, and to mark milestones in life.


25 x 35 cm / watercolor / price € 150

artist Victor Cantal

A collective term for the predominantly non-Christian and non-Muslim indigenous groups in Mindanao. Often a victim of red-tagging and displacement due to conflict or land grabbing, the Lumads are considered some of the vulnerable groups in the Philippines.


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