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7641 Reasons: An Art Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden

Text by Rachel Hansen, images by the Filipino Artists Association of Sweden

(Sequel to the February-March 2023 article.)

Over the winter season, the Filipino- Swedish community in Stockholm were lavishly treated to a spectacular Art Exhibition aptly entitled 7641 Reasons. This number was inspired by the Philippine islands, and the boundless creativity of the Filipino people wherever they are.

The Exhibit showcased the brilliance of Sweden-based female artists using a variety of art genres. On display were paintings, sculptures, pottery, lights installations – all representative of the Filipino identity, tradition, culture and history.

Featured here are more artists and their respective art expressions.

Mary Buskas´ oeuvre of oil paintings depicting her love for Nature : Hortensia

Elizabeth Labarda-Kronquist “The Fierce Art” captivating, whimsical and delightful watercolor paintings

Isabella Smolarski's sustainable designs under her company Lilla Labbet

Marga Lacson´s infusion of the fluidity of nature and her usual taste of the earthy rough textures

Ofelia Casel Persson´s representation of colorful culture from Southern Philippines: Manobo B'laan

The exhibit was organized by FAAS or the Filipino Artists Association of Sweden founded by Aya Sunga-Askert, Helen Svendgaard and Mary Grace Svensson. It was sponsored by Elle´s Kusina and Westers Art.

Established in 2018, FAAS is a community of established Filipino artists in Sweden and the organization continues to cultivate and support creative growth amongst its members.

Visit FAAS at

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