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P-Noy Taste of Asia: An interview with Myra Nizaradze

I have known Myra and Martin Nizaradze since 2011, and I can tell you that they are the epitome of Filipino entrepreneurship. Their ‘love story’ is equally as interesting :) Originally from Tarlac City, Myra met Martin, a Czech national, in Doha, Qatar in 2005. The couple made their way back to Prague, Czech Republic and in July 2012, the first Filipino store — P-Noy Taste of Asia — officially opened. I remember that day very well and had the pleasure to attend the store’s launch. Located in Malá Strana, also known as Lesser Town in Prague 1, P-Noy Taste of Asia caters not only to Filipinos, but to locals and expats as well.

I had the chance to quickly chat with Myra about the store, the product offerings and future plans for P-Noy.

What inspired you to open up P-Noy Taste of Asia?

When I arrived in the Czech Republic, there were no authentic mixes / sauces for my home cooking. Back then, there were only about 300-400 Filipinos living here, so I decided to open a small store to cater to the needs of [fellow] Filipinos. As the opportunity for Filipinos to work here increased, we have decided to open a store not only for Filipinos, but also to promote Filipino Cuisine to locals and expats. We are the first Filipino store here in Czech Republic (opened July 2012).

​​What kind of products can customers expect to find? What would you say are the most popular products?

We mainly offer Filipino products that are not available in the local market, but we also offer other Asian goods – as we know that there are also many other Asians living here. For locals and expats, the most popular product is our Philippine mangoes. For Filipinos, it's hard to say because they buy almost everything.. (she smiles :-)

Has there been any change - clientele or market wise - since P-Noy’s opening 8 years ago?

I can't say that the changes are big, but now more people know that there is a Filipino store in the center of Prague. Most of our local and expat clients keep coming back. [The store has also gotten attention from] Filipinos who have traveled to Prague, as they promote the shop to their friends. So sometimes we have surprise visitors from other European countries who shop at the store.

What are your prospects for P-Noy in the future? Do you have plans to expand the store?

Totally unlimited ☺ - but the situation can change abruptly, so I really can’t tell at the moment. Plans are in place but we will see after the pandemic ☺

​​One thing that we can definitely expect in the near future is P-Noy’s online shop, which will first cater to the Czech market and neighbouring countries later on. So for those based in the Czech Republic, this is something that you can look forward to (I know I am :)).

P-Noy is not only your ‘go-to’ for Philippine or Asian ingredients, but also serves lunch. Different dishes, not just Filipino food, are prepared throughout the week.

For our ‘kababayans' who plan to visit Prague in the future, be sure to pass by P-Noy, your ‘home away from home’ for a quick bite, fresh juices, Philippine ingredients, and products!

P-Noy Taste of Asia is located on Karmelitská 380/16, 118 00 Malá Strana

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