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The Overseas Fabulous Pinay

Have you ever wondered what it takes for someone to live abroad? If you are moving overseas, do you know how to plan your move? Where do you start? And if you are already away from home, how can you make your life more fun and meaningful?

The Overseas Fabulous Pinay: A modern Filipina’s handbook on how to thrive abroad delves into these questions and draws from author Donna Künzler’s learnings and personal experience from years of living overseas across three continents, four countries and five cities.

It is a comprehensive and light-hearted read written for professional Filipino women to help them plan for their move abroad, settle in, adjust to work life, make friends, beat homesickness, be financially conscious, integrate and enjoy life overseas.

Künzler wanted a title close to the term “OFW”— short for Overseas Filipino Workers— and wished to project a strong image of a Filipina. She shares, “With this book, I hope for readers to realize that it takes sparkle and grit not just to survive but to thrive abroad. Living overseas is not easy but you can live a happy and fabulous life. And more importantly, young professionals now have a book that they can refer to, to guide them along the way.

“My aim is that a reader’s quality of life improves because of my book. In that whatever phase she may be in, whether contemplating a move abroad or already living overseas and integrating in their host country, that either a question is answered, an issue is solved, or a knowledge gap is filled. It will make me happy to learn that the book made an impact on someone’s life.”

​​Künzler worked for Ernst & Young and PWC, experiencing life in Singapore, the USA, the UK, and finally, coming to Switzerland. Her years as a Filipina expatriate led her to pen this book, a tongue-in-cheek guide for any young Filipina planning to make it professionally in the global arena. The author and her husband live in Zurich, where she is transitioning from ovfabpinay to ovfabpinaymom with the recent addition of their daughter to the family.

Only recently launched, The Overseas Fabulous Pinay was honoured with a GOLD AWARD by the Nonfiction Book Awards, via the Nonfiction Authors Association this June 2020. It was also considered a Finalist for Best Interior Design at the 2020 International Book Awards.

Künzler's words make you feel as if you’re out for cocktails with a girlfriend as she regales you with tips and tricks for living the best Filipina expat life. She shares many practical thoughts that are a great help for a Filipina embarking on her own expatriate journey.

To order a copy or find out more, visit her webpage:, or send her an email:

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