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Lending a hand: Hawak Kamay Bergen

Bergen is situated in the west coast of Norway and the second largest Norwegian city. Founded in the year 1070, it is the European City of Culture, the Gateway to the Fjords, a UNESCO Heritage Site and birthplace of the beloved composer Edward Grieg. It is famous for its breathtaking beauty with seven majestic mountains, the city perched on high, overlooking the sea. Bergen is also well-known for its fish market and one of Norway’s biggest cultural events, the Bergen International Festival is held here every year.

There are many Filipinos living in Bergen. Most of them are working in the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­local industry, in hospitals, as au-pairs and many other interesting jobs.

It is here in Bergen that Hawak Kamay was founded.

What is Hawak Kamay Bergen?

Hawak Kamay means holding hands in Tagalog. It symbolizes unity, solidarity and reaching out. A non-profit humanitarian organization composed of ten volunteer board members. It is legally registered in Brønnøysundregistrene with the organization number 998 787 513.

The team behind Hawak Kamay Bergen.

The organization is dedicated in bringing life quality back to people in unfortunate situations in the Philippines, and at the same time, we celebrate diversity and encourage cross-cultural engagement by presenting in various contemporary arts and sharing them to our International guests.

Introducing traditional Filipino dance to an international audience.

Completed projects.

Hawak Kamay Bergen has been giving financial support to two beneficiaries in the Philippines. These charity organizations play a very important role to help rehabilitate children experiencing traumatic situations (from serious domestic violence, rape, victims of human trafficking, street children), giving free legal aid, providing shelter and basic needs and education. These two organizations are the Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation and La Casa Esperanza (the House of Hope). For more details and pictures documentation kindly visit our website

Restore Philippines Livelihood Project

Hawak Kamay Bergen started this project when typhoon Haiyan, the strongest typhoon in the history of humanity hit the islands in central Philippines in November 8, 2013. With wind strength of 345 km/h combined with pouring rain and giant waves, many families lost their houses and livelihood, many establishments were totally ruined and many lives were lost.

Hawak Kamay immediately delivered five-day rations of food and water to families in the town of Panay Island, where the organization sent help to approximately 3 600 people. With the help of its Liaison officer in the Philippines and many other volunteers, relief goods were delivered quickly to the starving survivors.

Restore Philippines Livelihood Project was established as a continuation of these relief efforts. Hawak Kamay decided to help rice farmers in Pinantan Diel, as rice growing is the most vital livelihood in these vast areas. These farmers could not continue growing rice because of damaged irrigation system. Hawak Kamay Bergen decided to provide the farmers with the engines and pumps needed to facilitate irrigation thereby making it possible to grow rice again. By providing these basic tools, Hawak Kamay Bergen believes that it is possible to help more by helping them in such a way that they can be self-sustainable in the future. By giving them back their means of livelihood. Just the way they have lived it for many hundreds of years.

Restoring agricultural independence among Filipino farmers.

More support is needed

We are happy to share with you positive news about our ongoing RESTORE PHILIPPINES LIVELIHOOD PROJECT 2017. This projecthave given us great results, where recipients are now self-sustained, they have built their own homes, they are sending their children to schools, they have continuous access to water which in turn generates job to their neighboring barangay or villages during harvesting time. RESTORE PHILIPPINES LIVELIHOOD PROJECT will be soon completed. And our new project will emerge as soon as we have enough support to start it with.

Do you want to help?

If yes, please join us in our events and visit our website or check our Facebook page: Hawak Kamay Bergen, where we actively give updates about our projects and fundraising events so one can get to know more about our work. Your engagement means a lot to us. If you feel generous, you are most welcome to send help to Hawak Kamay Account at DNB with IBAN NO80 1503 3109 234 and BIC code is DNBANOKK

Maraming salamat po!

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