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Katrina Larida´s "unspoken" art creates digital buzz

Updated: May 17, 2022

Stockholm, Sweden

Katrina Larida is an artist and fashion designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Early this year, she exhibited her new work with the theme "Unspoken" at Artportable and a week later, she hosted an art event with champagne tasting at the co-working and social club space Lamb.

Photo by Patrik Kindvall

Originally from the Philippines, she began her training as a portrait artist when she was 16, sketching portraits of passersby at the shopping mall. In 2016 she got in at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she lived for two years, developing her knowledge of Color Theory and applied it to her art.

Photo by Jessica Hanlon

The artist debuted her new collection of paintings at Artportable, Scandinavia´s largest digital art gallery last January 24, 2022 at their showroom in Södermalm, an area in Stockholm home to bohemian, alternative culture and a broad range of cultural amenities. The art exhibition was entitled "Unspoken", the works are inspired bythe thoughts we keep to ourselves, things we wish to say but left unsaid, details we see but not spoken”. For a week, visitors all over Stockholm came to watch the new art collection which created a buzz.

Natasha Arnborg, PR agent and the artist´s close friend, collaborated with her to organize an intimate art evening with champagne tasting. The artist wanted to host the event at the new stylish co-working space Lamb. She immediately wrote to them and asked to collaborate but did not get a response. At the end of her art exhibition at Artportable, coincidentally the Space Manager at Lamb saw an ad of her vernissage on Facebook and decided to come by. "She asked me if I would be interested to hang some of my paintings at their co-working space", Katrina said. This chance encounter led on to make her planned event at Lamb happen naturally.

Photo by Jessica Hanlon

Personal invitations were sent to the guests by post including €80 worth of Art Prints, signed and numbered. The artist´s PR agent also invited Jenny Ivarsson, a champagne connoisseuse and Erik Haeffler from Conveija to hold a tasting event at the start of the evening. It was an intimate crowd and after the tasting they went down to Lamb´s studio to immerse the guests with her art as she talked about her inspirations and what the paintings meant to her as an artist. The event was streamed online in different Instagram accounts including Artportable with 10,000+ art lovers and artists followers.

Photo by Jessica Hanlon

The artist described her aesthetics as, "I am influenced by pop culture and fashion. To this exhibition I created six new paintings where I wanted to show something about the unspoken things that we are afraid to convey to other people. We all have a lot of thoughts and emotions that we don’t show because we are afraid to be misunderstood. We want to be considerate and we don’t want to bother our friends and family with our struggles. I want my art to connect with my viewers. At this exhibition I felt that each person who visited had their own favourite piece, there was not one masterpiece, but everyone had their own painting which spoke to them."

Katrina takes her inspiration from personal experience. She likes to observe and analyze the world around her. Her art is also a way of conveying a story or an opinion. She finds inspiration from her own pain because whenever she is in that position, she immerses herself in the experience and feels everything. "This year when we were all isolated, I have been working alone quite a lot and that brought out feelings that were hard to process. I used all the feelings that came from that to create. I think understanding the source of pain is the key to healing and I use my art as a catharsis," added Katrina.

Three of the artist´s paintings are currently hanging at Lamb´s co-working and social club space at Drottninggatan 71C, at the heart of Stockholm and the city´s busiest street.

She has an upcoming Virtual Art Exhibition, ART FUSION on February 27 to March 5, 2022 at The Holy Art Gallery ´s website and Instagram account It is a London-based gallery exhibiting artwork in the UK and abroad, showcasing work from the brightest emerging and established artists on the international scene.

Her art is currently on sale at her website´s online store and also at Artportable´s artist´s profile page.

Follow the artist on her Instagram @laridaartstudio to see photos of her works and get updated on current events and upcoming shows.

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