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This Christmas I Hope

Poem by Esther-Marie Tidoso

This Christmas I Hope…

… for more peace

A little release

From all that’s happening

… for more reevaluation

Of our inner situation

For what is your heart beating?

… for more smiles

Despite the trials

Are you still living?

… for a Christmas miracle

The holidays to be bearable

We keep on praying

… the reality checks

remind us to keep ourselves in check

Let’s all be grateful

… we focus not on our limitations

But be thankful for this mission

That is forgiveness, love and giving

… you hang up the star on the tree so high

Ornaments so beautiful, you sigh

Precious memories, decorating

...the lights to shine brighter

And our arms spread wider

Jesus is born, let’s greet Him

… ‘tis season to be joyful

‘Tis season to be peaceful

Protected, loved and blessed.

©Olena Sergienko

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