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The Intricacy of Ballpoint Painting

By Chris Adrian Torre Concepcion & Betsy von Atzigen, Editor in Chief


Chris Adrian T. Concepcion, known to family and friends as Chad, is a bank officer turned ballpoint artist. In 2013, he resigned from banking and braced a new direction in life. At this time, he ventured into a couple of businesses which unfortunately flopped. From those failures, he searched deep in himself and started to make a drawing on a piece of paper, trying to make a plan for his future.

Ultimately the plan never got written, rather drawn. With a ballpoint pen, Chad drew an illustration of a tree being struck by lightning. He has tried since then to improve that which was forgotten in him. Chad went back to the basics of sketching, using hatching, cross hatching and stippling among other techniques and also watercolour. On average of 30 hours, his works show a semi-realistic representation of his subjects. Whether flora or fauna, he depicts vivid portrayals and looking closer modulates the intricacies of his works.

Ballpoint pen artwork was introduced and eventually proliferated in the mid-20th century using ballpoint pens that are easily available, convenient. It has become a versatile art medium for both doodlers and professional artists.

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