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Easter Message from the Editor

Easter has come and within days, the Philippine presidential elections too, one of Asia’s largest and pivotal to our country’s today and tomorrow. Easter is a time of rest and renewal after a prayerful, alms-giving, and Lenten fasting season. The word Easter can be traced to its source in Old English meaning the “East” and is widely known to bring massive hope, and copious light in celebration of the rising of Christ – true Light of the world.

The Filipino Easter season this year is largely dominated by bright election campaigns. Multitudes of voters desperate for honest, and economically sound governance have been marching the streets of major cities and provinces. There about 65 million registered voters at home and overseas. For us abroad, electoral mails have been delivered and returns are now trickling in. I pray both the festive season and clean elections bring massive hope, and copious light to a deserving people - the Filipinos.

What do you anticipate from the May elections? Where do you see the country is headed?

We’d like to read and hear your views. Let’s chat on social media.

Meanwhile, wishing all our readers a Blessed Easter!

Betsy Jance von Atzigen

Editor in Chief

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