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CROWN & PEARL, The Crux of Agnes

By Luz Bergersen, Norway

Divina Mariano Qvale, Filipino-Norwegian Author, proves that retirement age is just a number, and golden years are productive years.

Utterly fascinating! Great was my admiration when I met writer and author Divina Mariano Qvale some years ago. She is the only Filipina-Norwegian in Norway, as far as I know, who has written and published a few books - the novel, CROWN & PEARL, short story CRUX OF AGNES and children's books.

Not too long ago I met Divina again. This refueled my interest in the work of the unassuming and amazing lady who writes so beautifully and lovingly of her hometown, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. In CROWN AND PEARL, her narration is down-to-earth and honest, brings back memories of our own growing up years and ignite yearnings for the old days, our youth, family, life in the Philippines, before the onset of too much modernism.

Divina, a school teacher by profession, is originally from Baccara, Ilocos Norte. In her writings, she documents the unique customs and traditions of Bacarrenos and Ilocanos in particular, these customs are mostly true of all over the country. The book is a gem for future generations to keep, learn, and cherish.

The true-life heroine of the novel is Divina’s townmate and dear friend Sally/Aurora, sharing glimpses of Aurora’s journey from Bacarra to Norway (hence, Crown & Pearl). Sally a true-blue Bacarreno, is pretty, hard working and compassionate. Divina shares glimpses of Sally’s young life and struggles from Bacarra, Ilocos and her journey to a life in Norway.

The author’s style and substance, and narratives are lyrical, amusing, sometimes provocative but always truthful, making the book a compelling read and a treasure to share.

THE CRUX OF AGNES tells the sad story of Agnes, a handicapped woman who longs for a normal life and love. Born with one leg and one arm, she lived among persons with disabilities. It is a narrative about the joys and longings of young womanhood, until Agnes finally found love with Joe, and in their fulfillment in running an institution for individuals with disabilities.

Divina Mariano Qvale is a lady of integrity, a widow and hard working mother of five. She loves the written word. She uses her time writing children’s books, short stories and poems.

As if that were not enough, Divina also makes costume jewelry!

For copies of the books, contact Rawmags.


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