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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

by Lily C. Fen

light emerged on our way to Prachatice

clouds rolling down slopes of green

misty curtains

embracing shadows

dancing over a pond.

head home at noon

done for the day

ecstatic after two performances

the sun a generous haze of warmth

Grandmother’s summer, they call it.

drive past the telltale hills

of land-locked Czech Republic

home of my husband

gaze at verdant

and ochre trees

yellowing leaves


as they bid farewell to summer

with pomp and drama.

corals, fiery shades of amber and burnt orange

roar at me

watch me

a sea of summer leaves give way to ferocious red

like the sunset in my soul.

I had never seen autumn with my own eyes until now.

golden glorious vermillion October


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