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autumn in my heart

By Lily C. Fen

Step out of the theater

onto a maze of cobble-stoned streets.

Stavovské Divadlo bathed in lamplight,

swathed in a terracotta glow

Prague is in the middle of a


that has descended

Tall black sentinels shrouded in white halos,

everything a silhouette.

step off the bus further out on a hill

enveloped in mystery

everywhere around me a cloak

of frost and shadow

the street is replete with glimmering ghosts

all is wonder

while I wander through a path

a shower of amber leaves

crunching underneath my feet

in the still of night

shut panelak doors closed

I stare out through glass sheets

autumn in my heart

a tree reaches out over our front steps

a canopy I never noticed,

stencilled against the glimmer gliding over our street.

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