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An Ode to St. Nick

Poem by Kristianne Pearl De Leon

Drawing by Xavier D. Nermal, 10*

helped the ones in need,

gave the children alms to feed;

you are worthy of it,

a day to celebrate your good deeds.

kindness feels bizarre,

for lands staring from afar,

how does it feel to be so popular?

this month helps us cope;

remembering the months we lost hope,

your day is our escape from dreadful days;

St. Nick, we are grateful for your kind ways.

*Christmas is a great time to give joy and love to everyone. To my friends and to my family. Every Christmas we put up Christmas tree and decorations. Everyone helps each other and be happy to celebrate the birthday of Jesus."

Xavier D. Nermal, 10 years old, Bacolod Philippines

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