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5 lifestyle-friendly choices to achieve our best life moving forward by MAXICARE

How to live our best life by making these 5 lifestyle-friendly choices

Life in the time of COVID may have been a wild ride, a terrible struggle, a tragic time, an age of madness, or an opportunity for re-evaluation. Or maybe—all the above. The world has changed so much and while restrictions across the country are easing, we’re left asking: What’s next? Where do we go from here?

First off, if there is anything these strange times have drummed into us cutting across all walks of life is that life is precious, and we should mind our health. It’s a significant realization and an incredible first step to moving forward with our best life in mind.

We suggest that before we decide to take more steps moving forward to the future we have planned out, let us take a look at our present first. Let’s ask ourselves: do we need to make some determined choices? Here’s a tip: sticking to our choices isn’t so hard if the choices can fit seamlessly into our busy schedules and never feel like an inconvenience.

Here are 5 lifestyle-friendly choices to achieve our best life moving forward:

Lifestyle-friendly choice #1: Be kind to ourselves and others

The pandemic has brought out the best and worst in us. When faced with the latter, let us take a step back and breathe so we don’t blow up and say words we will regret later. Let’s remember to be kind to ourselves as well, by taking time for hobbies, spending time with loved ones, and putting our health and wellbeing at the forefront.

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation can help with this. It’s a pioneering health maintenance organization providing convenient and reliable access to preventive and primary services through lifestyle-friendly channels such as Primary Care Centers (PCC), Telemedicine services, Member Gateway, HomeCare, Wellness programs, and more!

Lifestyle-friendly choice #2: Collaborate

Businesses survive, projects take off, and the right solutions take shape faster when people team up with others of diverse skills. The power of communications technology makes it so easy now to reach out and build relationships from the safety and comfort of our homes. Healthcare itself can come to us without the need to go out.

For instance, Maxicare’s Telemedicine services have become an essential tool to facilitate consultations between Maxicare members and physicians at the comfort of home.

On top of Maxicare’s 24/7 Teleconsult, there’s also the Maxicare Videoconsult powered by the Doctor Anywhere app that lets us schedule consultations with Maxicare doctors and specialists (OB-gynecologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, and more). Through the app, we can access e-documents such as medical certificates, referral letters, and consultation history as well as upload laboratory and diagnostic test results. So there’s no more inconvenience when it comes to our well-being and we can partner with the best healthcare. Cool, right?

Lifestyle-friendly choice #3: Invest in relationships

Human beings are social creatures; we want to feel connected with people. Evolution has, in fact, hardwired us to seek relationships to ensure our survival. Given this, relationships can either make or break us. We suggest that we put the effort into nurturing and validating those who are important to us. Prove it through simple but heartfelt gestures, such as writing a letter or making a phone call instead of just texting. In our dealings with colleagues, clients, or customers, look for opportunities to inject a human touch.

Maxicare has made sure that its members can easily connect with their healthcare partner. Through the Member Gateway portal, we can request letters of authorization, access our member benefits, and apply for reimbursements with no hassle.

Lifestyle-friendly choice #4: Choose less over more

In today’s world, clutter has become pervasive and an all-consuming state for some. Clutter comes in different forms be it environmental, physical, mental, or relationship-related. Excess can be burdensome. How about we simplify our life? Get rid of all your life’s clutter, and go for quality over quantity.

Maxicare’s HomeCare Program is our friend in the journey to simplify life. No need for horrendous traffic and paperwork that eats up chunks of our precious time and health. If we need lab tests done, Maxicare will come to us. The HomeCare Program also includes medical care for COVID-19 for close and regular telemonitoring of conditions of asymptomatic as well as mild to moderate cases.

Lifestyle-friendly choice #5: Let go of the past.

How do we move forward if we are stuck in memories? While we need the hard lessons from the past to do better moving forward, they can also be a chain holding us back. We may be holding on to grief, anger, and fear, as well as second-guessing ourselves based on past mistakes.

How do we break free from this rut? How about learning a new skill or improving on an existing one? It’s a practical yet effective way to make new and happier memories.

Let’s check out Maxicare’s Wellness Program, which gives its members exclusive access to educational health resources and a dedicated care coordinator to assist and guide in health management (this is like getting one’s own wellness coach!). Let’s also tune in to the Maxicare Wellness Fridays, an interactive webinar series featuring exciting topics with expert resource speakers.

Live your best life with these five lifestyle-friendly choices and Maxicare as your partner in health.

BestLIFE is the Maxicare way of life. Live life to the fullest and discover how to live your best life by becoming a Maxicare member today. Visit the Maxicare website to know more:

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