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Celebrating Filipino-European Entrepreneurs

Cattleya Romero-Faude is the founder of SAGANÀa. (Photo courtesy of Cattleya Romero-Faude)

Resolute Filipino-European entrepreneurs have succeeded at breaking through the European market with enduring vision, revolutionary ideas, unique products, services, and offerings primarily for the Filipino community alongside the host countries in the region.

They are those among us who have spotted a lack, a need or struggled within the economy, or target social and environmental shift. They wrote their business plans and made efforts to initiate, build and scale to generate profit in various aspects.

In this October issue, Roots & Wings is celebrating Filipino-European entrepreneurs and their courage to take that dream into their hands, make the first leap, work hard, sacrifice a lot, and stay the course.

Lily C. Fen writes about Swiss-based Cattleya Romero-Faude and her sister Sheila Romero - prime movers of award-winning SAGANÀ known for its 100% organic coconut butter, blossom nectar and sweetener, vegan spreads, wholegrains, and premium Pili nuts.

In Austria, Ralph Chan introduces Jose Hart, construction company owner Hart & Hart Bauträger GmbH. For 17 years, Hart has been “building on trust” of clients and built houses and apartments while providing jobs for Filipinos and locals.

Jennifer Fergesen connects with "Budgie" Montoya, owner of Sarap BAon Resto in London who won his location through the Brixton Kitchen competition. He transcends the popular lechon belly, pulutan and silog or rice bowl dishes, and a chain of accessible Filipino cuisine.

In Prague, pioneering P-Noy Taste of Asia is a ‘go-to’ for Philippine-Asian products, also serving quick bites and fresh juices. Rebecca Garcia Urbančík is witness to Tarlac-born Myra ‘s love story as well as her business beginnings.

Heard of music instrument ‘Kudyapi’? Read and listen to guest contributor Hans Brandeis’ Philippine boat lutes. Returning to her roots, Becky Torres walks us through the cobbled streets of 16th century Heritage City of Vigan in Ilocos Sur. And as the world continues to adjust to the new normal, the Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt and Transwing Art Gallery put together a themed online artists’ exhibit “Envisioning Healing and Inspiration from Abroad: Overseas Filipinos Supporting Filipino Artists in Times of Pandemic.”

At day’s end, our team bids farewell and eternal rest to dearest colleague Renee S. Ikdal, Roots and Wings Bureau Editor cum Philippine Honourary Consul to Stavanger, Norway.

Betsy von Atzigen

Editor in Chief

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