Batanes at a Glance

Batanes is comprised of ten islands that form the northern-most region of the Philippines.  For this trip, we set our sights on Batan and Sabtang Islands.


While on the former, gaze at Naidi Hills and a lighthouse that overlooks the town. 

Stroll around the roughly-hewn slopes of Racuh-a-Payaman, otherwise dubbed as “Marlboro Country.” The breeze is in your hair and a carabao suns himself a few meters away from you. For those who are fit, hike up to Tukon Hill, from where you can see a view of Mt. Iraya to the north. Reward yourself with a helping of the local Ivatan dish called luñis. Think adobo with a rustic twist, as the Ivatan people store pork chunks in jars, cooking them slowly under the sun. Another must is the Racuaydi Spring of Youth, located on the eastern part of Batan.


The Honesty Coffee Shop at Ivana Port is an unforgettable experience, showing you how trust can function in a sari-sari store with no sales attendant. Just list down your selected items and leave your payment in a box. From there, Sabtang Island is a mere thirty-minute ferry ride away. While there, visit the town of Chavayan, which showcases an array of wondrous Ivatan architecture. Batanes was the sound of the surf, a collection of beautiful hills, and an intact Ivatan culture.


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