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My love for nature made me change my lifestyle

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

The idea of my lifestyle make-over came when I and my husband were in the forest, discussing our future plans while picking chanterelles one autumn day.

“Think if we can be with nature, not only on weekends, but any day of the week that we choose? Think of spending more time together with our kids and with our dogs?”

These thoughts played in our heads for a few months. It was until the arrival of our bitch’s first litter when I decided to leave my job as a preschool teacher and take care of our canines. Nine dogs (two are puppies) require a lot of work. There’s feeding, grooming, daily walks, vet visits, obedience training, show training, and scent tracking to mark down in my calendar. Not to mention that each dog demands a morning hug-and-evening hug rituals. My hands are full.

My responsibility with our dogs doesn’t end on Fridays, unlike at my previous job. I have to be available for them round the clock. I have more workload now than before. However, I have found freedom to do things that I am passionate about. Since my working hours are flexible now, I can meet friends for a cup of coffee, have lunch with my husband, or focus on my artworks in the middle of the week. Spontaneity is not out of reach anymore.

Being with dogs connects me to nature. All of our canines are working dogs, born and bred to be in the forest. It is their favourite place and it happens to be mine too. Nature binds us together and it has given me fulfillment.

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