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Success is Sweet: Beyond the Block

“BEYOND THE BLOCK” – a successful documentary movie about street dance by Ricky Carranza, Filipino/Finnish world class street dance specialist, choreographer, and filmmaker, has been screened to enthusiastic movie audiences in several major cities and had received major awards as foreign film.

“Roots and Wings” follows up the progress of the screenings of this movie, and is very proud to share updates below from producer Ricky Carranza:

RW: Please tell us what has been happening since you launched the movie - "BEYOND THE BLOCK". - How are you, your family – your talented wife, and children?

Ricky: I am very grateful for everything – To God first, for all these development, success and new doors of opportunities that are being opened to us. Then, my family next. Of course, they share the same sentiments and more. Obviously, this is not a work of a lone man, but an enormous task through collaborative efforts from a community of dedicated and passionate people that includes my family. My wife is the backbone of all these. She is a worker behind the scene. She is overwhelmed with appreciation and optimism as well. Somehow she imagines the good things that are potentially coming. And then, Of course, I am still and perpetually grateful to all the people behind the movie. (Too long list to mention now). It’s been a crazy ride, indeed. And it goes on!

We are very grateful – very, very grateful, hopeful and excited for what’s coming ahead. The kids, specially, are very excited. I can’t help, but feel elated every time they ask me, “Daddy, can we buy a really big house in Los Angeles when you become very, very famous?!” That’s the atmosphere, intensity of enthusiasm and ambitious imagination that the whole family feels at the moment concerning the present development.

RW: What’s going on with the movie? In what cities have the movie been shown, so far?

Ricky: As implied, it’s going really well. So far, it’s been shown exclusively in Manila and Helsinki, and featured in two film festivals: Hiphop Film Festival in New York and Long Beach International Indie Film Festival in Long Beach, California. On October 2, it will be featured in New York again at the International Film Festival Manhattan.

RW: How was the movie received? Critics/reviews?

Ricky: The movie is very well received in the film festivals. It has been nominated for “Best documentary film” at the Long Beach International Indie Film Festival” and a “Finalist” for “Best Director” and “Best Documentary” at the Hiphop Film Festival in New York. What humbles and amazes me so much is the fact that I was lined up among the best directors (including the one who won the “Best Feature film”) at the Hiphop Film Festival. I am deeply appreciative of that. I feel that my voice is finally being heard now by the world.

RW: You have gained some major awards for the movie? Please share/update our readers.

Ricky: Yes, multiple nominations abroad and a special “Educator Award” from the La Salle University in Manila, Philippines. I haven’t won the ultimate “BEST” yet, but, getting there, I think. We are still showing it in different film festivals around the world.

RW: What are your main experiences in showing the movie. Was it easy, difficult, etc.

Ricky: It’s been an interesting and challenging experience to show this film abroad for obvious reasons: it is particularly more appealing to Filipinos even though the movie talks about a universal subject (dance), and people don’t know how rich and highly professional the film’s content and quality is. People don’t know me yet as a film director. Most know me as a dancer or choreographer. I know, though, that it is just a question of time. As more people around the world including non-Filipinos see and review the film, it will eventually garner more attention and following.

RW: In what other places are you scheduled or planned to show the movie?

Ricky: Manhattan, New York will be the next screening, in mid October. San Diego, California in January 2017 is next. I am still waiting for the confirmation of other dates in between and later. You can see updates of screenings and development through our website: and

RW: Any financial breakthrough?

Ricky: Yes, gradually more and more doors are being opened and our network expands.

RW: Any on-going projects now?

Ricky: Yes, I am finishing another exciting documentary. And we are also preparing to film the much-awaited feature narrative movie I have been working on for ages.

I am also about to publish the script of ‘Beyond the Block’. It contains the pictures of everyone who participated in the film plus several other rare photos which have never been seen of those who helped lay out the foundation of Filipino street dance culture.

RW: Please share photos from your many film screenings in major cities.

Ricky: Yes, my pleasure. Thank you, Roots &Wings for all the support and kindness. In behalf of my family and the production behind me, we thank you deeply.

RW. Thank you so much Ricky! It is indeed a pleasure and and honour to have you again. We wish you more luck and blessings that you certainly deserve.

From the Autumn 2016 Issue of Roots and Wings. Read the Full Magazine here:

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