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Artists unite in largest exhibit in Negros Island

Text by Kristine G. Alonso, Philippines Artist Alden Macazar United Negros Artists (UNA) spearheaded the largest collaboration of several artistic groups for the first time in Western Visayas in the Philippines.

The art exhibition which ran between January 20-30, 2023 involved 70 participating artists from different Filipino art groups covering a multitude of creations from paintings, to sculptures, poetry, and sketches.

‘UNA: The Prologue,’ led by Sandy Solinap of Galleria Verde, captures the goal to continuously invite Negrense artists from around the world to enhance, embody and emphasize its creative streak through expressions of being and artistic excellence. Artist Cresline Corsiga The event perfectly provided an opening to strengthen relationships between artists and other active supporters, advocates, and partners. Charlie Co, an international contemporary visual artist and co-founder of Orange Gallery in Bacolod City, opened the reception for the multi-talented artists participating in the event. He encouraged artists to never stop making artworks and emphasized that being storytellers of their own medium promotes their roots to the world.

Co said, as artists, it’s highly important to take each moment into being, and make every moment count - not just in the walls of where you live but expression must travel through a multitude of places, spaces and dimensions. This thought-provoking insight is targeting all artists involved to keep believing in their capacity to make a difference through their art.
Artist Fe Sumagaysay Such artists belong to various groups like the Pintor Kulapol, Prima Art Group, Feminine Touch, the Group of Negrense Artists (GONA), Terrapinta, the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros (AABN), and independent artists. The event aimed to showcase how Filipino artists can come together to give birth to a bigger community of genius, experimentation, and creative pursuits. Artist Giljohn Quiamco The blossoming of the art community in the Philippines, particularly in Bacolod City supports a spirit of camaraderie to create expressions that may be a bridgeway to communicate more to the world. Mike “Nyoy” Pillora, member to the legendary folk pinoy band ASIN led the musical number for the event.

Artist Jorge Cape Other functions during the exhibit included the “Watercolor Jam,” gathering artists to showcase their painting skills in watercolor to celebrate the World Watercolor Day.
‘UNA: The Prologue’ has upcoming events throughout the year.

Artists unite in largest exhibit in Negros Island
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